What is the CCIE?

CCIE is the most top paid IT experts and also benefited from many other benefits. CCIE are the experts who plan, design, implement, diagnose or solve network security problems, configurations and more.

What is CCIE | CCIE Job Profiles, Certification, and Career

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is the highest level of Cisco Systems certification in all areas of the network and is recognized worldwide as a recognized network certification. CCIE is the most top paid IT experts and also benefited from many other benefits. CCIE are the experts who plan, design, implement, diagnose or solve network security problems, configurations and more. Network engineers with CCIE certifications are known as network experts. As the highest and most stringent certifications, there are around 59,000 CCIE worldwide.

What is the CCIE?

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is the second-highest level of certification (after CCAr) offered by CISCO. Test not only the technical knowledge of a candidate but also his patience while solving one of the most complex problems in the real world. This certification aimed at experts in expert level networks that design, build, implement, maintain or solve complex business network infrastructure problems. Depending on the chosen track, CCIE candidates can handle routing and switching, communications and services, security or voice systems, and technologies.

There are seven certifications at expert level:

  1. Forwarding and Mediating CCIE

CCIE Routing and Switching are the network experts responsible for implementing and resolving complex network problems in the organization. It is one of the most sought after and most prestigious certifications in the world.

  1. CCIE security

CCIE Security is the expert certification for network security engineers. These specialists are responsible for planning, designing, implementing, and troubleshooting security solutions for the existing network.

  1. CCIE Service Provider

Cisco CCIE Service Provider Certification recognizes professionals who can plan, design, build, and support service provider infrastructure.

  1. CCIE wireless

Cisco CCIE Wireless is the expert test for wireless technology experts. This exam recognizes experts with in-depth knowledge of WLAN wireless technology who can design, build, and evaluate the company's wireless network.

  1. CCIE Data Center

The experts in the CCIE data center are the experts who, based on their professional experience and network competence with the certificate, can plan, design, implement and manage the complex data structure of organizations.

  1. CCIE cooperation

CCIE Collaboration is the Cisco Networking Certification for experts who offer collaboration solutions. These professionals are responsible for the development, designing, implementing, and supporting instant messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP), and video solutions over the network.

  1. CCDE: Cisco certified design expert

This certification primarily aimed at engineers responsible for designing large infrastructure networks. The CCDE validated the knowledge and skills of a candidate for the design of network infrastructures. This is one of the most prestigious Cisco certifications at the expert level.

What is CCIE Routing and Switching?

A CCIE in R S certifies an expert for configuring and troubleshooting complex and converged network infrastructures. It recognizes knowledge and experience in network infrastructure technologies. At Networkers Home, subscribers can work on real Cisco devices and access the online installation.

With the continued growth of computer networks, there is a growing demand for professionals who can work with multiple networks to coordinate services and functions.

Is getting a CCIE Certification Success Difficult?

No, that's absolutely not the case. At Networkers Home, we recommend that a candidate receive training beginning at the CCNA level before moving on to CCNP training and finally CCIE training. Regardless of whether it is the R S track or another track, we recommend that you move step by step to the certification that will lead you to a successful career. At NH, students are guided through the certification process and we provide comprehensive training for the laboratory exam and passing the written exam. Candidates must work hard and spend 100% of their time on training and success. The certification consists of two steps: a 2-hour written examination after an 8-hour lab exam, which is passed to become a CCIE-certified candidate.

CCIE Certification Criteria

Candidates who wish to apply for Certified Internetwork Expert certification must complete their preschool training on computer networks. This includes a degree in networking or network management.

Applicants for this certification must have a high school diploma or equivalent and minimum work experience. Most CCIE candidates start their careers as a support specialist — however, some degree programs linked to the Cisco Networking Academy.

Applicants who wish to be certified are not eligible to participate. However, before taking the CCIE exam, Cisco recommends having at least three to five years of networking experience.


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